Sprint's Big Bets: Palm Pre, WiMax, HTC EVO, RIM PlayBook

Sprint has made a number of interesting gambles in the attempt to remain relevant in a time when merely providing realiable cellular voice service is sufficient.

1. Palm Pre: This was supposed to be an iPhone killer. Sadly, Palm itself was essentially on death’s bed before it was rescued by HP.
2. 4G provided by Clear WiMax: While Clear the company appears to be having financial difficulty, I think the jury is still out on WiMax itself.
3. HTC EVO 4G (Android): I think this can be declared a winner although it does not have the huge sales of say, some of the Verizon Droid branded phones.

Next up? Based on RIM’s own BlackBerry PlayBook website, the PlayBook tablet will initially be a Sprint exclusive or at least the primary parnter promoted. I don’t know if the apparently required tethering tie to a BlackBerry phone will help it or hurt its sales.

BlackBerry PlayBook (U.S. product page)