Sprint Will Offer Unlimited 4G for the HTC View 4G Tablet. But…

Fiercewireless reports that Sprint will modify their 3G data plans and provide an interesting tweak to their WiMAX 4G data on June 24.

Sprint to tweak tablet data plans, will add unlimited WiMAX

Sprint currently offers 3G tiers of 1, 3 and 5GB per month ($20, $45, $60). They will add a 10GB plan for $90 per month. More interesting to people who share and consume a lot of video, for example, is addition of unlimited WiMAX 4G data for the HTC View 4G tablet associated with 3G plans of 3GB or more per month.

While Sprint’s 3G network has a reaonably good reputation for coverage and throughput, the Clear provided WiMAX network is another story entirely.

What’s the Deal with Sprint/Clear WiMAX Service? Coverage Issues or Not?

Unlimited WiMAX based 4G is only useful if you actually can use it.