Sprint Rolled Out 4G (Clear WiMax) Service in my Area! $70 a Month? Hmm

So, the power in my neighborhood is still out. The electric company’s truck disappeared after looking at a nearby transformer. We’re still in the dark. And, I’m still connected to the world via an Asus Eee PC T91MT touchscreen netbook tethered to HTC Touch Pro2 by a USB cable and giving me a slow but useable EDGE wireless data network to work with.

Sprint just turned on their so-called 4G network (WiMax provided by Clear) in parts of my home state…

Sprint 4G Rollout Blazes on with Honolulu Launch

Sprint 4G Rollout Blazes on with Maui Launch

Sprint provides an interesting and intriguing plan (especially as I sit in the dark without my usual wired broadband connection) that lets you use a modem with access to both their large 3G wireless data network as well as Clear’s growing WiMax network. Its $70 per month price is just $10 more than the $60 all the carriers charge for their 3G services and their associated 5GB per month data cap. Sprint’s 4G product feature matrix clearly points out that data is capped at 5GB for their 3G service but says their 4G service provides unlimited data. Hmm. I could use that right about now.

Although Clear’s coverage map shows my home area has 4G service, I’m skeptical of that since AT&T and Verizon says the same about their 3G coverage. In fact, AT&T has no or weak service depending on where I’m standing. And, Verizon’s network pops in between some 3G and mostly the slower 1xRTT network.

If Clear actually provides 4G service outside of the metro area here, I may be a customer soon.