Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi Router May be on its Way

Sprint’s $70/month 3G/4G plan has interested me since I learned about it. Sprint, like every other so-called 4G plan provider, has teamed up with Clear to access their WiMax network. One of my few remaining blocking factors (aside from the idea of paying another $70 per month for wireless data) is the need to use a USB modem for the service. I would much rather have a MiFi-type device that shares the 3G/4G data service using WiFi to my other device(s). According to Engadget, this blocking factor may be removed soon…

Sprint Overdrive dual-mode WiMAX / EV-DO mobile hotspot leaks into the wild (update: $50 U301 on contract?)

The Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi router they describe would let me use it with any WiFi-capable device I’m carrying (including an iPhone). Now, if only Sprint would reduce the monthly recurring price or give current Sprint customers a price break, another blocking factor would be removed for me.