Sprint Losing Money & Subscribers: Can the Palm Pre Save Them as Well as Palm?

According to Sprint’s 2009 2nd quarter results information release…

SPRINT NEXTEL Reports Second Quarter 2009 Results

…they bled cash and subscribers in that period:

– Net loss of $384 million (-13 cents/share)
– 257,000 wireless customers lost

Sprint made a big deal of the Palm Pre launch in their financial report saying: The widespread visibility surrounding our record-breaking June launch of the Palm Pre handset gave us an unprecedented opportunity to showcase these improvements to customers as ‘a new Sprint.

But as ZDNet’s Larry Dignan says…

Palm’s Pre can’t offset Sprint’s subscriber losses

I’ve had pretty good network and customer service from Sprint over the years. So, I’m hoping they can pull out of this nosedive. And, as I noted a while back, their stock share price has done well year-to-date so far.