Sprint-Google Voice Integration Problems. Resources for Help

My game plan for this weekend was to help two family members migrate from their current Sprint voice mail service to the new Google Voice service (see news item below).

Google Voice Now Providing Voice Mail & International Carrier Service for Sprint Cell Phones

I hedged my bets in this blog item by saying upfront:

Sprint cell phone customers may be in for a treat if all goes well with the integration of Google Voice as their voice mail system.

The key phrase is if all goes well. However, according to Engadget, all did not go well.

Sprint / Google Voice integration has major issues, major lack of support

Engadget summarizes reports of all sorts of problems ranginge from activation issues to crippled accounts.

I found several sources that may help you if you already tried to turn on Google Voice integration for your Sprint account.

Google provides a troubleshooting FAQ for Sprint customers. But, it does not address serious issues like crippled accounts.

Google Voice on Sprint: Google Voice on Sprint FAQs Troubleshooting

Google also has a section for generic known issues here.

Google Voice Known issues

Finally, There’s a long discussion thread in the Google Voice Help Forum where you can read some of the issues related to Sprint-Google Voice integration.

Announcing Google Voice + Sprint Integration

There’s also a discussion thread in Sprint’s community area under the announcement message.

Google Voice integration with Sprint is available now

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