Sprint Finally Gets Realistic About Music Downloads

justin.jpgFor well over a year, Sprint has been charging $2.49 per music download from their cell phones. As you can imagine, this price hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, given that it’s two and a half times more expensive than Apple’s iTunes Store.

In time for CTIA 2007, Sprint just lowered the price to 99 cents per download, matching the Cupertino-based iPod manufacturer. Sprint includes both a lower-resolution phone copy and a higher-resolution desktop download in that price. This means you can actually try purchasing music from your Sprint cell phone without getting ripped off.

Before the price cut, Sprint had sold just 15 million singles, versus more than the two billion Apple has sold since the iTunes Store’s inception in 2003. We have to agree with Sprint’s new strategy; consumers really aren’t willing to pay a premium just so they can download a song from their phone instead of their desktop PC.

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