Springpad iOS 5 Ready: Push Content from Web to Device, Device to Device & More

Springpad, the free note taking and social note sharing app, got some under the hood enhancements to take advantage of Apple’s iOS 5 upgrade. And, these enhancements were delivered in a past update. So, the update released before the iOS 5 update yesterday delivers the new features.

Springpad is ready for iOS5!

The new Springpad features that take advantage of iOS 5’s capabilities are:

– Push something (like restaurant information) from a web page to Springpad
– Access Springpad alarms from the iOS 5 pull down notification center
– Push content among iOS devices linked to the same Springpad account

You can find the free Springpad app at:

Springpad (iTunes App Store)

Springpad’s web services are free too.

Video courtesy of springpartners

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