Springpad Friends Stuff Automatically Collects Friends Likes & Check-ins in a Social Notebook

Have you ever noticed an interesting reference, link or check-in in your Facebook or Twitter stream and then cannot find it days or weeks later? That’s the problem Springpad says the new Friends Stuff feature is going to solve.

New! Springpad Friends Stuff gives you recommendations from your friends

Springpad Friends Stuff currently requires a beta invitation request even if you have an existing Springpad account. The feature is scheduled for rollout in September. The Friends Stuff feature imports your friends’ likes and check-ins, and categorizes them as movies, books, music, tv shows, or places. If you see something you are interested in, you can copy the information to another Springpad notebook.

This seems like a great idea and a great feature. But, it remains to be seen how simple it is to sort through what might be hundreds or thousands of links per day for some people. Look for a more in-depth commentary once the feature is activated for my Springpad account.

Video courtesy of springpartners

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