Spredfast Is Now a Tumblr Preferred Data Partner

Spredfast was already a Facebook Marketing Partner and Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, and the social relationship platform provider can now add Tumblr Preferred Data Partner to its list of accolades.

Spredfast was already a Facebook Marketing Partner and Pinterest Marketing Developer Partner, and the social relationship platform provider can now add Tumblr Preferred Data Partner to its list of accolades.

Direct access to the Tumblr firehose will enable Spredfast to provide brands, agencies and media companies with a thorough look at how their content is performing on the social network.


Spredfast offered the following examples of how its connection with Tumblr can be utilized in a blog post:

If you are a digital producer for a television show like Teen Wolf, it’s helpful to quickly understand the volume of activity around your show, the specific topics or tags that get your fans fired up and the top blogs that are driving content creation and sharing about your show.

This information can help you quickly report on the level of fan engagement, understand your audience and their content preferences (both by theme and by content type) and identify influencers.


There are several ways to inform your content strategy with readily available Tumblr insights. For example, a fashion brand like H&M could look at content that is already being shared with tags relating to its brand or that links back to its website. This shows how people are already talking about your brand on Tumblr, and it could help surface content themes or types that resonate with your existing audience.

Find even more inspiration by looking at top content for broad topics like “summer style” or by analyzing your competitor’s top content. Should the outfit be on a model or laid out in an appealing photo collage? Should the content look professional and stylized or have a real world feel?

In the case of H&M, some of the top performing content features both customer-styled outfits and promotional content about its next luxury designer collaboration, which suggests that both high-fashion and street-style approaches resonate with its audience. You can also look at top blogs to identify tastemakers posting beautiful engaging content.


Imagine you are a CPG (consumer packaged goods) brand that sponsors a summer concert tour to build awareness and preference with your millennial audience. As you narrow down your list of potential headliners, it would be useful to understand which artists drive more fan participation and sharing.

You could use Intelligence to look at the Share of Voice each artist on your short-list occupied at a festival like Coachella:

Based on this view, Drake might stand out as the obvious choice, because he commanded 6.6 percent of the total conversation on Tumblr about Coachella.


If you dive a bit deeper and look at the top content related to “Drake and Coachella,” you would quickly discover that backstage celebrities (Queen Bey and Nicki Minaj) and an unexpected, passionate kiss between Drake and Madonna (the stuff Internet memes are made of) drove most of the conversation.


Alternatively, most of the conversation about The Weeknd related to his performance, including the premiere of an untitled new song. Your brand may want to align with the artist’s fresh, inspiring sound.