Spread happiness to stop Disney villains in Disney Villains Challenge on iOS


Disney’s latest mobile game, Disney Villains Challenge, is racing up the iOS charts, currently sitting at No. 5 on the Top Free Apps chart on iTunes. The game features famous Disney villains, including Maleficent, Captain Hook and Cruella de Vil, as users are presented with a variety of mini-games for each villain, based on tap, swipe and shake controls.

Each game sees players spreading happiness before a timer runs out. In Cruella’s world of101 Dalmatians, for instance, players will play “Simon” on a colorful piano or tap rapidly to break locks keeping puppies in cages.

In Captain Hook’s area, players will trace lines to turn his sharp hook a heart, or brush the crocodile’s teeth. Finally, Maleficent’s games see players dragging party hats onto her minions, or painting her dark castle bright purple.

The free version of Disney Villains Challenge includes these six games, while an in-app purchase of $2.99 unlocks an additional 12 games.


Games are played one right after the other, in groups for each round. Rounds are timed, and are each more difficult than the last. That is, while mini-games might be repeated, the time to complete them decreases, or the patterns in the “Simon” piano game might become more complicated, as examples.

Disney Villains Challenge gives players flowers and a score at the end of each round, with Game Center support allowing users to compare their scores with friends. The app is now available for free on iOS.

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