Spotted: Slate‘s Weigel at ‘First Amendment’ Party

At The Atlantic‘s “First Amendment” party, co-hosted by NJ and Funny or Die,  Friday night FBDC ran into Slate‘s one and only Dave Weigel beaming and flanked by two female friends including Politico media coordinator Olivia Petersen (pictured at left).

Weigel says he’s indifferent about actress Lindsay Lohan‘s invitation to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner by FNC’s Greta Van Susteren and hubby John Coale. Weigel remarked, however, that he’s a big fan of Lohan’s older work, “Mean Girls.” He had all the makings of a star-crazed journo. “I’m looking for [Portlandia’s] Carrie Brownstein,” he said.

Ice Thermometer

We also ran into the Washington Examiner‘s Nikki Schwab shortly after the party started. As stated in our Morning Chatter, we’ve implemented a new system to gauge how icy the gossip columnist is in our encounters. For last night’s run-in, we award Schwab seven cubes. That’s one less than what she earned at Thursday’s Elle/Lani Hay dinner Thursday. Last night, even though she blew right past us, she at least returned our hello in a halfhearted greeting.