Spotted at the Downtown Film Festival

The premier of American: The Bill Hicks Story was sold out last night. The theater was packed with fans of the late comedian, his family, friends and tons of comics who worked with him.

Pictured above is comedian and actor Rick Overton, who most of his peers would agree is a George Carlin heir apparent. He was friends with Bill Hicks.

After the screening we ran into storyteller/comedian Dylan Brody who featured for Hicks in upstate New York in 1985. “I was so needy and self-absorbed and you never would have known by the way he treated me,” Brody tells FBLA.

Hicks’ mother and brother, Steve Hicks also attended the premier. “As long as people are still interested in Bill – we’ll share Bill,” he relayed during the Q&A. Bill Hicks’ long time friend, filmmaker Kevin Booth was also on the panel and featured in the film.

And yes, for those curious, Denis Leary’s name was mentioned during the panel. Which is like Hicks lore on a never ending loop.

The rumor that Russel Crowe will star in a Hicks biopic was not mentioned. Although we must point out that Hicks died at 32 and Crowe is getting a little long in the tooth.