Spotted: AnonymASS Tipster on a Mission

In the course of any given week there’s always at least one or two fishy souls out there who think it’s hilarious to use our Anonymous Tips box to try to f**k with us. We like to think of them as mostly loveable AnonymASSES.

For instance, we have one reader who writes in to ask our male writers to “Describe your tip,” and sometimes it’s directed to a specific writer. We’ll be honest — after the eleventh time, it’s still sorta funny. We also have a tipster who, for the past few weeks, is intent on getting us to buy all of his or her David Gregory sightings. They began rolling in after we ran a sighting of Gregory at the Neiman Marcus jewelry counter, after which an irate reader couldn’t believe we had asked Gregory for a comment about it. That particular ASS wrote, “You reached out to David Gregory to see if he had a comment….about being at Neiman Marcus??? Younare [sic] just a born newshound.” The original sighting was as follows: “Saw David Gregory at Neiman Marcus Wednesday afternoon. He was standing by himself (he’s as tall as a giraffe) in the jewelry department and not talking to anyone.”

So in the aftermath of all that, we’ve been receiving near daily AnonymASS tips on the NBC “Meet the Press” host. We do hope Gregory isn’t living such a boring life, and if it’s not clear, we don’t believe these are actual sightings. On a side note, fishies, we don’t run blindly with every tip we get. We do find most of them amusing. Including the ones that are just one word, such as “poodles.”

We almost don’t want to run this for fear that our special AnonymASS tipster will stop sending these offerings. But what the hell? See the tips we’ve been getting on Gregory… 1. Saw David Gregory pausing briefly outside of a CVS. He was saying nothing and did not volunteer a reason for being there.

2. Spotted: David Gregory, near his house. He gave no indication what he was doing there.

3. Spotted: David Gregory getting out of a cab. He didn’t say where he was coming from. He closed the door behind him.

4. Spotted: David Gregory in front of the Mayflower on Connecticut Ave., bending down to tie his shoe.

5. Spotted: David Gregory recognized by bunch of tourists in Georgetown. One asks him, “If you were a carbonated beverage, what would you be?” Too far away to hear the answer.

6. Spotted: David Gregory at a gas station on M St filling up his car. When asked what he was doing there, he had no comment

7. Spotted: David Gregory in a crosswalk on Wisconsin Ave. We reached out to him: Q. Why did you cross the stree? [sic] A. To get to the other side [sic]