Spotify, Photos, Calendars, Horoscopes, Profile Banners and More on This Week’s List of Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by DAU

There was a wide variety of applications on our list of the fastest growing by daily active users this week. Everything from Facebook’s mobile app to Spotify to photos and quiz apps to Page admin apps to horoscopes and Yahoo’s app were on the list. The apps on our list below grew from between 101,900 and 1.1 million DAU, based on AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook.

Top Gainers This Week

1.  Facebook for Every Phone2,525,530+1,120,443+80%
2.  Spotify1,983,687+1,108,921+127%
3.  60photos2,385,330+619,219+35%
4.  MyCalendar624,545+313,714+101%
5.  Social Statistics290,569+271,260+1,405%
6.  Yahoo!10,674,508+240,621+2%
7. 21 questions1,721,289+232,370+16%
8.  Texas HoldEm Poker 6,825,754+196,402+3%
9.  Daily Horoscope6,264,824+186,521+3%
10.  開心水族箱1,577,677+150,257+11%
11.  Windows Live Messenger17,487,259+141,176+0.81%
12.  Ninja Saga747,558+134,588+22%
13. YouTube2,478,638+132,168+6%
14. MeinKalender552,530+125,370+29%
15.  Astrology3,259,038+125,133+4%
16.  Your Luck [daily]419,581+121,313+41%
17.  Welcome tab app for Pages508,858+120,949+31%
18.  Social Empires360,788+113,866+46%
19. 森の物語123,994+104,333+531%
20.  Banner de perfil en espagnol317,832+101,873+47%

Snaptu’s Facebook for Every Phone topped the list with a whopping 1.1 million DAU this week, outpacing almost any other app but for Spotify with 1.1 million DAU. We reported earlier this week that Spotify has been using popular musical artists to award accounts.

Everything else varied. 60photos grew by 619,200 DAU; the app basically posts tons of feed stories as users rate their friends’ photos. MyCalendar in English with 313,700 DAU grew significantly over last week and its German counterpart, MeinKalender, grew by 125,400 DAU. Social Statistics jumped by 271,300 DAU this week; it’s an app that publishes your “top friends.” A quiz app that publishes copious feed stories, 21 questions, saw 232,400 DAU this week. Then there was Welcome tab app for Pages with 121,000 DAU and a profile banner app, Banner de perfil en espagnol, with 101,900 DAU.

There were horoscope-like apps; these tend to post to a user’s feed daily, that’s where they generate virality. Daily Horoscope grew by 186,500 DAU, Astrology by 125,100 DAU and Your Luck [daily] by 121,300 DAU.

Rounding out the list were apps from big names:  Yahoo with 240,000 DAU, Windows Live Messenger with 141,200 DAU and YouTube with 132,200 DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.

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