Spotify, Mountain Dew, GE Among First Brands to Try Periscope

Periscope launched to much fan fair and brands are eager to test the new medium and connect with consumers in real time.

Periscope launched in late March with much fanfare. The mobile live-streaming app has the potential to make Twitter and even more powerful news platform. However, brands like Mountain Dew, Spotify and GE were among the first to experiment with this new digital medium.
IMG_7523All three brands used Periscope to take their fans and followers behind the scenes in one way or another. Biologist, GE Creator in Residence and YouTube personality Sally Le Page went behind the scenes of Star Talk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye. Spotify took music lovers behind the scenes with the Irish indeed folk-rock band, The Villagers (pictured).
Mountain Dew used Periscope to showcase Dew swag with videos about virtual reality skateboarding and backcountry snowboarding experiences. Some fans who inter with the post were gifted some of the swag showcased in the videos.
According to Mountain Dew digital brand manager Christine Ngo, the brand considers itself a digital innovator that tries to stay nimble as new platforms become available.
She told SocialTimes:

We’re always testing and learning from new platforms and are really eager to jump on whatever platform our audience is going to be on. So it’s very in strategy for us to jump on Periscope immediately.

While brands are already experimenting with Periscope content, Ngo noted that the analytics could be more robust, noting that this is to be expected from new platforms. Despite the limited analytics, as the first micro live-streaming mobile app, Periscope gives all three brands a new way to engage with fans in real-time.
Ngo told Social Times:

There’s no true rehearsal, it’s truly live engagement. It’s a great way to communicate with fans but not quite as immersive as seeing each other in person. We’re really interested in seeing how the space grows in the future.