Spotify Fires PR Firm Over Taylor Swift Diss

They broke it off/ They broke if off

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“It all rolls downhill,” says the corporate bigwig to the lowly account coordinator.

Everyone has a boss, and when that boss gets burned by something, said higher-up finds someone a little lower on the totem pole to blame. It’s an unfortunate “circle of life” that won’t be translated into a movie anytime soon. Something like that just completed its path with music streaming juggernaut Spotify.

After “breaking up” with longtime publicist Paula Erickson in May, Taylor Swift had yet another public falling out in November — but this time, it was with Spotify. She understandably wanted more money for her intellectual property, so she took her ball and went home.

Unfortunately, that ball rolled downhill…and ran right over M&C Saatchi PR London, which is now the former AOR for Spotify. Why? Seems the client didn’t appreciate the firm’s handling of its never-sterling reputation.

Spotify insists that nearly “70 percent of the revenue” it receives from paying customers and their $9.99 monthly fees goes back to rights holders in the form of royalty payments…but “Swift Pulls Plug, Jumps Streaming Ship” makes for a far more compelling headline.

Since Spotify was unable to “shake it off,” the company gave some blank space to Saatchi.

Thanks to PR Week UK (and its illustrious paywall), we have this statement from the firm:

“We had three fantastic years taking Spotify from a small, challenger brand into a mainstream music platform. The work we developed from our London office was used around the world to build the Spotify business and we are proud of the part we have played in establishing the brand in so many different markets. International PR will now be led from LA, we will not be pitching but we will keep on streaming. We wish them the very best for the future.”

Nice statement. Let’s just hope they don’t write a song about it.