Spotify Brings Free Streaming to Mobile, Adding Led Zeppelin

It’s a big day for the music service Spotify, the app will now offer a free shuffle service. Like most other internet radio, it’s ad supported with an option to upgrade. Users who currently have a desktop account can create playlists that can be accessible by mobile, but mobile use does not come with unlimited searches or queries.

Spotify’s shuffle allows you to listen to artist playlists with songs only from that artists (not like Pandora’s models). Users will also be able to access playlists from friends and those curated by Spotify – like ones populated by popular or Christmas songs.

With about 26 million users, only 6 million are paying subscribers, so the fremium service might be a boost to compete with other music providers. Further, Spotify has also added music superstars Led Zeppelin to their lineup of streaming musicians. With only iTunes serving Led Zeppelin music, it’s definitely an advantage for Spotify.

We’re releasing two albums per day this week, starting today with Led Zeppelin and its almighty follow up, Led Zeppelin II. By Sunday, December 15,  the full Led Zeppelin album catalog will be available to play as often as you like. Follow Led Zeppelin on Spotify now and we’ll let you know as soon as the next albums drop.

Spotify Premium comes with unlimited music for $9.99 per month for personal, non-commercial use, the first trial month is free. You can only stream one device per account at a time, so no sharing!