Spotify Asked Band to Remove Completely Silent Album Once it Earned $20K

You can’t earn money from doing nothing, but you can try to earn money with the sound of nothing. That’s what Vulpeck has proven, and they’ve done so to the silent and powerful tune of at least $20,000 using Spotify’s streaming model.

The band’s Sleepify album of ten perfectly silent tunes have been earning $0.007 per play and its accumulated revenue per date is at least $20k. It’s commendable by most standards, unless you are Spotify, a $4 billion company created by the music industry.  Spotify is notorious for underpaying artists, and now, the company is claiming Vulpeck has violated its terms and conditions. It’s unclear whether the band will be profiting from its promotions and subsequent plays from its fans since the album has been completely removed from the Spotify library.

The band still expects Spotify to pay for the streams, but they also have a great attitude when it comes to the free market:

Do you feel like you’ve made a powerful enemy?

No. As a user of the service, I’m a fan. I make a joke in the Sleepify video about how Spotify will throw in the history of recorded music if you sign up for Sleepify. As a band though, you have to be practicing yoga and eating grass-fed butter to face the coldness of the free market.