Spotify and Twitter: A Music Match Made in Heaven?

Music has always been a social concept — even if you’re swaying to the beats in solitary ecstasy with your headphones on, chances are you’ll probably tell a friend about this great song at some point. For this reason, music web sites and programs like Spotify have taken the social media plunge. Spotify seems to advertise Facebook as its biggest social media outlet, but Twitter may actually have more potential for this popular listening service.

Spotify already has a bunch of advantages going for it. It’s a free listening service (with the standard model option of paying for more perks) that you can download to your computer, and it lets you search any song or album and play it instantly. You can also create playlists, browse the top charts, and read the Spotify Facebook feed for music news and tips from both your friends and Spotify itself.

However, whereas Spotify prominently says “Share music” on the sidebar of the application, there is no counterpart playing up its Twitter feed. The @Spotify Twitter account is active and thriving, however. The account has a healthy 76,000+ followers and tweets several times a day.

But though the site’s Twitter account has a lot of potential, it isn’t a music match made in heaven yet. Most of the tweets have to do with answering people’s questions or talking about release dates for new albums. The interaction between listeners and the company is good, but Spotify users would definitely benefit from a few more music-based tweets. Since the “search” element is maybe Spotify’s most alluring feature — you can type any song in and will probably be able to listen to it! — it would be great to have a Spotify tweet stream that gave you ideas for songs to listen to.

Of course, users have such diverse music tastes that releasing random song, album, and artist titles might seem like blindly playing darts. But perhaps that’s the hidden beauty of Twitter — you get bombarded by random tweets, and you might be compelled to look up a random song that doesn’t fit your usual genre.

Pandora has already leveraged its social potential to become one of the top 10 downloaded apps on iTunes. Perhaps by bolstering its Twitter stream, Spotify can keep climbing the prestigious ladder of magical listening services.