Spotify and Snapchat Are Rolling Out an Integration on iOS, Android

Content from the music-streaming platform can easily be shared on the messaging app

The integration was developed through Snap Inc.’s Creative Kit Snapchat/Spotify
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Music-streaming platform Spotify is rolling out an integration with Snapchat that will enable users of the messaging application to include tracks, playlists, albums and podcasts in their Snaps and Stories.

The integration will begin rolling out soon on both iOS and Android. It was developed through Snap Inc.’s Creative Kit, which enables Snapchatters to share media from outside apps or websites.

Creative Kit is part of the Snap Kit suite of tools for developers, and Snap said over 200 apps have created integrations via Snap Kit.

Here’s how it works: Spotify users can tap the share menu on the right side of the screen while listening to songs, albums, artists or podcasts. They can then select Snapchat from the drop-down list, and Snapchat will open a new Snap, complete with full album art. That Snap can then be edited and shared, or included in a Story.

Snapchatters who receive Snaps from friends that contain songs, playlists, artist profiles or podcast recommendations can swipe up and tap the context card to open that content on Spotify.

Snapchat/Spotify David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.