Spotback add Music Category

I will tell you one small secret! How do you think bloggers find something interesting to write about?

Common! We read much – very much!

But just reading isn’t enough – you can read Harry Potter but you will not find there nothing about Web2.0 (maybe there is something in newest book 🙂 ), you must read good sources of information, where you can find proper information. One of my favorite sites is Spotback, it is personalized news source where you don’t search for news – you define your interests and when you are visiting Spotback the most recent news is served for you.

Now on Spotback is new category – music. Here you can find most recent news in music field from many different sources. Best feature is that you can listen to music at the same time. If the article have MP3 link included in the article Spotback will add music player and you will be able to listen to this track. Nice idea – nice result!

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