Goes National; Now Pitch Stories Anywhere! has opened its “community-funded reporting” platform up to anyone anywhere in the United States, says founder David Cohn. Until last week, only reporters in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Minnesota.
He explains:

From the start, I thought Spot.Us would expand a la Craigslist: Pick locations, create sub-domains and let people aggregate around them. Certainly San Francisco and Los Angeles have worked like this. We always have about five active pitches in both locations at any given time. Seattle however, might not be that way. I fear I’m viewed as an outsider … But that shouldn’t stop me from expanding. Especially not when I am getting very solid pitches from around the country.
It makes little sense for me to tell a good pitch from Illinois or Texas that they can’t put their pitch up until we find a handful of other pitches in their region. So, as of last week, the sub-domains at Spot.Us have been removed. Trying to convince people in a specific region to use the site — while stopping others from using it because they aren’t in the right region — is not the best use of our time or energy.

Now freelance reporters with great story ideas can pitch them to the community regardless of where that story takes place.
Some stories that are currently being funded–note the diversity:
Reinventing San Francisco: A Bold Vision for a New City of Hope
Is your (Champaign-Urbana) recycling being dumped in a landfill?
What is the future of small town California?