Spot the ’74 Celebs: Arch. Record Holds Glass House Contest


We’re still struggling to come off the weirdest holiday week ever (it really just screws up your whole sense of rhythm when you take just one day off right in the middle of everything), so we were understandably looking for something a little light to get the week started off. And Architectural Record has come to our rescue. In celebration of the recent opening of Philip Johnson’s Glass House to the public, as well as to show off Toshio Nakamura and Michael Moran‘s new book about the place, the site is holding a contest to see how many of the guests you can name from the 25th anniversary party held at the Glass House in 1974. We, sadly, are coming up a bit short, save for a couple of obvious ones, but the photos are fantastic none the less. Perhaps you’ll do better. And then you can give us the book you win because, after all, if we hadn’t told you about it, you wouldn’t have ever played, right?