Sporty Launches on iOS to Help Users Find Games Near Them

sporty 650Social app Sporty wants to make it so simple to find and participate in nearby sports activities that users have no excuse not to. It does so by providing users access to a network of like-minded individuals, who may enjoy playing sports, but don’t have real-world contacts who also enjoy them (for instance). In Sporty, users create an event for sports and activities ranging from badminton and American football to skydiving and yoga, and can invite friends or strangers to join them.

Users can post a general event onto the platform to gauge the interest of friends or nearby users (events can be either public or private), or they can set a specific time and location for a structured gathering. Users can post chat messages onto events to ask questions or further plan details of the activity, and will receive notifications when they’ve been invited to an event by another user.

The larger the city, the more likely events will already exist for browsing. Users can view these “nearby” events in a separate feed, which show how many users are participating, and when the next event will take place. For instance, a group may have planned a nearby doubles tennis match for “tomorrow,” but are looking for one more player to fill out a team.

“We all played sports when we were younger, and we want to bring back the feeling of just playing a casual pick-up game in your neighborhood. We know people love sports. They just need an easier way of finding each other,” said Sporty’s Christopher Onsrud, in a company statement.

Sporty is available to download for free on iOS.