Sportsline’s Doyel: ”The New York Media Is A Sickening Thing”


Gregg Doyel of Sportsline appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howie Kurtz to speak about the New York media circus surrounding the Superbowl coverage. Will Leitch of Deadspin — also on the program — criticized traditional print media sports coverage, agreeing that it is a circus, added, ”But, like, circuses are entertaining.” From Reliable Sources:

KURTZ: Gregg Doyel — I’ve got about half a minute. Which results in more hype, the fact that the Patriots could become the most — the first undefeated team since the ’70s, the Miami Dolphins, or the fact that the New York media are involved because of the Giants?

”DOYEL: Oh, it’s both. The New York media is a sickening thing. In my nightmares I wake up writing for The New York Post, covering the New York Mets. And that’s a nightmare for me.

”So the New York media gags me, but the Patriots — still the crush of the Patriots going 19-0, that’s a huge national story.”

Among the issues discussed was the TV Azteca correspondent’s marriage propsal to Tom Brady.

(image via thebiglead)