Steve Ballmer Talks Clippers Red Ink

An entertaining sitdown with the SportsBusiness Journal.

The SportsBusiness Journal chatted with Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer for one of its recent weekly The Sit-Down interviews. It’s an entertaining read.

Ballmer hints that his Staples Center days are numbered, largely because the downtown Los Angeles facility is not optimized for basketball and suffers because of its multi-purpose use as a hockey facility. He is also pretty candid about the current balance sheet:

“I’m a new owner and I’ve heard this is the golden age of basketball economics. You should tell our finance people that. We’re sitting there looking at red ink, and it’s real red ink. I know, it shows up on my tax returns. So it is real red ink. “

“OK, some of that’s decisions we made… the luxury tax, etc. But there’s still real issues for the owners [and] real issues for the players, and people get a chance to go through that. “

Some have speculated that Ballmer will be the first NBA team owner to figure out how to effectively pipe out games through the cloud. That kind of future is a ways away, but he touches on it in the interview with references to how Apple and Netflix have impacted the music and TV-film industries.

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