Sports Illustrated iPad App Only Viewable in Landscape Mode: Why This is a Good Thing

I don’t understand the strategy behind this old school paper publication team’s decision.

Sports Illustrated says unfair iPad subscription terms led to cut features (AppleInsider)

Yes, it does appear that Apple and old school paper magazine publishers have not found a mutually acceptable solution yet. But, it seems to me that putting your best foot (design wise) forward and providing a reason for customers to clamor for Apple to provide their favorite publishers some slack might be better than removing features.

Sports Illustrated is apparently only viewable in landscape mode because it costs Time, Inc. more to design content that can be view in two orientations. The reason given is because they are not making enough money to justify the effort to create e-magazines viewable in two orientations.

There may be someething good that arises from this strategy, however: E-magazines (the first Wired comes to mind) are giant bloated apps that can be up to 500MB large. It turns out that pages are often stored twice – one for each orientation. If this means less gigantic magazine content downloads, this is a good side effect.