Sports Illustrated: The Blackberry Farm Edition

Old MacDonald never had anything like this on his farm

BlackberryFarmFenceIn the background of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover is a glimpse of Tennessee luxury resort Blackberry Farm. The idyllic locale has previously been plugged into covers of Garden and Gun, Bon Appetit and American Spa. But this is a whole new level of exposure [pun intended].

Outlets in The Volunteer State are celebrating this angle, as well they should. Here at FishbowlNY, we were tickled by some less obvious juxtapositions involving cover model Hannah Davis and her meadow background. Think of Davis as a Tennessee BFFF (Blackberry Farm Friend Forever).

1) The dress code for Blackberry Farm’s award-winning restaurant The Barn would stop the cover girl at the door. Jackets for men, equivalent dress for women.

2) The editors of SI may have overlooked a slightly better cover opportunity. One that could have helped assuage critics who are complaining that the 2015 SI frontage is too racy. Per recent visitor and journalist Kristin Luna, there is a Puppy Bar on the premises, one that Davis could have sourced for some extra cover help. From Luna’s travel post:

That’s right, you read that correctly: You can drive right up and borrow a pup. OK, so technically it’s a kennel, but whatever; at any point during your stay, you can phone up the trainer and ask to go cuddle some truffle dogs! I know, right?


3) On the heels of this foxiest of Time Inc. honors (maybe the next Sexiest Man can also hop on a Blackberry stallion), the resort is this weekend hosting one of its annual fox hunts. But don’t worry, these events usually end with the hunters scaring a fox back into a hole.

4) Heterosexual male Twitter reaction to the Swimsuit Edition was, in many instances, a moment that required these users to remind themselves to breathe. In April, rising Southern stars Need To Breathe will be performing at Blackberry Farm.

5) Finally, the genealogy of this spectacular Tennessee getaway is rooted in a 1939 visit by Chicago’s Florida Lasier. After she “snagged her silk stockings on a wild blackberry bramble,” the Smoky Mountain foothills area was christened. Perhaps, in honor of Davis’s jaunt across the meadow last summer, a patch can be named in her shoot-honor. We have some thoughts in that regard; sadly, none of them can be repeated here.

[Photos via: Facebook]