Sports Illusrated Kids In Your Face 3-D iPad App

Sports Illusrated Kids: In Your Face 3-D is a $20 book (of the old school paper variety) with dozens of 3D photographs. Sports Illustrated Kids uses the old anaglyph (red/blue glasses required for viewing) technique to present the photos in 3D. Anaglyphs may be an old technique but still provide the simplest and least costly way to share 3D images. The book only has 11 reviews on Amazon. But, the consensus seems to be overwhelmingly postive (10 5-star ratings vs. 1 1-star rating).

The book’s images are available on the iPad in the form of a $9.99 app with the same name.

Sports Illusrated Kids In Your Face 3-D

A pair of red/blue 3D glasses is available for free until March 16. However, if you happen to read this after that date, red/blue glasses for 3D viewing is available for just a few dollars. In fact, I noticed a pair of red/blue clip-ons to where over prescription glasses for for $4.09 on Amazon.