Sporting News Cracks iPad Subscription Code

Sporting News has found a way around Apple’s resistance to magazine subscriptions.

The company on Tuesday (Sept. 7) rolled out Sporting News Today App for iPad, an application designed to expand the distribution of Sporting News daily newsletter product to Apple’s fast-growing tablet device.

But unlike with many consumer magazine applications, iPad users will be able to purchase a subscription of the Sporting News Today App, which was built using Zinio’s Unity technology. To date, Apple has disallowed magazine companies from selling subscriptions directly to consumers via the iPad.

But Zinio is one of handful of companies—such as Texterity–which reproduce magazines digitally and distribute them via the Web, typically through PDF files. It’s model pre-dates the iPad and the current wave of tablet/e-reading devices.

Since Zinio’s technology is designed to create digital magazines that look like print magazines, it’s interactivity and design will likely be limited on the iPad. However, according to Sporting News executives, the app is designed to take advantage of the iPad’s touch screen, and more interactive features are on the way, including an interactive scoreboard.

In the meantime, Sporting News can boast of a subscription offering its rivals, including Sports Illustrated, cannot for now.

According to officials the new app will regularly feature 30-plus pages of daily news each day, along with video from Sporting News partner CineSport. Subscriptions will cost users $2.99 per month.