SponsorPay expands video mediation platform to Android


Mobile supply side platform SponsorPay has expanded its video mediation platform to Android, allowing developers to integrate, manage and optimize video ads in their Android apps, achieving higher eCPMs and better fill rates in the process. The platform was released for iOS last August.

For its launch, SponsorPay has partnered with developers including Pixelberry, Ninja Kiwi, Cie Games, LOVOO and Xyrality for the Android version of the platform.

“Our biggest advertising challenge was immediately alleviated after integrating rewarded video mediation on iOS,” said Scott Walker, Head of Production at Ninja Kiwi. “The growth in fill-rate and revenue was substantial, up 25 percent overnight. The added benefit is that more players received the rewards they wanted, which makes them more likely to engage with future ads and rewards.”

SponsorPay helps developers optimize their monetization strategies, using its predictive algorithm to predict eCPMs across all ads in all ad networks, selecting the right ad to be displayed at the right time. The result is increased revenue for the developer.

“We see ad-based monetization as a key complement to in-app purchases,” added Austin Yuen, Product Manager at Cie Games. “SponsorPay’s supply-side platform allows us to automatically optimize based on eCPMs from multiple ad networks. This not only increases revenue across our different ad sources, but also makes our lives easier.”

This launch will allow developers to offer the same user experience across both iOS and Android via a unified SDK. More information on the platform is available on SponsorPay’s website.