SponsorPay adds mobile video mediation to growing advertising platform


Value-exchange ad platform SponsorPay has announced the launch of its mobile video mediation platform, giving app developers a seamless system for integrating and managing targeted video ads within their applications.

The move isn’t unexpected from SponsorPay, as company co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Janis Zech told Inside Mobile Apps last December that video ads were some of the most successful ads on iOS. This new system gives developers a chance to manage their ads through SponsorPay’s mediation platform, resulting in better fill-rates and higher eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions).

SponsorPay’s goal is to allow developers to incorporate video advertising into their mobile monetization strategy without dedicating large amounts of tech resources, and wasting time on managing multiple campaigns from different ad networks, each with their own reporting dashboards and performance stats.

“Our Mediation Platform puts app developers in the driver’s seat and lets them focus on their core business to build awesome and engaging apps while boosting ad revenues,” said Zech, via a company release. “Eliminating the resource impact and opportunity cost on our partners was the key driver in bringing this product to market.”

SponsorPay more than doubled its revenues in 2012 via 479 percent growth in transactions on its platform. Its BrandEngage service gives advertisers and developers the opportunity to offer users free premium content for interacting with ads within their games.

Developers interested in learning more about the SponsorPay platform are encouraged to visit the company’s website.