SponsorPay Acquires GratisPay, Expands Ad-Based Virtual Currency Monetization

SponsorPay, a Berlin – Germany based virtual goods monetization startup, has acquired GratisPay, a European competitor developing a similar service.

SponsorPay is an ad-based payment system, which means that instead of serving traditional CPM or CPC ads to gamers, it serves them with ad-offers like free trials, surveys, discounts & coupons etc. The social gaming users could go on to fill out these offers and surveys in return for virtual currency. SponsorPay charges the advertisers for each survey or offer that is filled out and provides the Game publishers with commissions per survey transaction.

By acquiring GratisPay, SponsorPay has now created Europe’s leading provider of ads-based payment systems, monetizing virtually all of the major European online and social games publishers.

“Between our two companies, we already serve the majority of Europe’s top 10 publishers of online and social games”, Andreas Bodczek, SponsorPay GmbH’s CEO, states. “Bringing the two platforms together will enable us to offer both publishers and advertisers an exceedingly attractive portfolio.”

SponsorPay is very much aware with the kind of slack that Zynga gathered as a result of spammy and hidden subscriptions, that later charged users with recurring fees. As a result of this, SponsorPay has created stringent quality requirements for advertising partners that systematically weeds out hidden subscriptions or advertising.

SponsorPay was established in April, 2009 and has quickly expanded across Europe to offer localized payment solutions in more than 30 countries. Through its partner Game publishers such as Gameforge, Bigpoint, InnoGames and Frogster, SponsorPay now reaches over 40 million active users across Europe.

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