Sponsored Stories Ads: Walk-Through and Marketing Campaign Strategies

The following is an excerpt from the Facebook Marketing Bible, the comprehensive guide to marketing your company, app, or brand using Facebook. The full version of this article, available through a Facebook Marketing Bible subscription, includes a guide to understanding Sponsored Stories ads, a walk-through of how to buy them, and detailed marketing campaign strategies for driving a variety of performance metrics through all four Sponsored Stories types. It teaches advertisers exactly when to run the ads and what marketing efforts to pair them with.

Advertisers using Facebook’s self-serve ad tool can run Sponsored Stories ads that promote news feed stories published by users and Pages to Facebook’s right sidebar. Sponsored Stories allow advertisers to augment viral buzz by giving greater distribution and visibility to posts that endorse their organization or business.

Here we’ll walk through how to use the four types of Sponsored stories — Like Stories, Page Post Stories, App Stories, and Check-In Stories. We’ll also provide strategies for integrating them into highly successful ad campaigns that can drive Likes, engagement, brand reputation, application usage, foot traffic, and monetization.

Sponsored Stories Strategies

Page Post Story

Page Post Stories can be used to drive extra traffic to one of your Page’s tab applications, an outbound link, or a piece of content your Page has posted. Only your Page’s latest update will appear in the Page Post Sponsored Stories ads, so be sure to only run them after especially important updates, and pause them once you’ve run less important updates or those without a specific call to action.

Some examples of Page updates you might want to pair with Page Post Stories include an outbound link to:

  • Your website
  • A sign-up form for your email or phone marketing list
  • An ecommerce store where users can buy your product
  • A news article about an important upcoming product release you want to build buzz for
  • An app store where users can download your app to help you attain a place on the store’s charts
  • YouTube where they can watch your video in order to secure enough views, votes, or comments to place in top 10 lists and reach the home page
  • An article that you want to gain traction on social news sites like Digg or Reddit
  • A poll you want users to vote in
  • A petition for a cause you support that you want users to sign

Or to content within Facebook such as:

  • a photo or video your want more exposure for
  • a link to a tab application that offers a game, a piece of content or entry into a contest
  • a canvas application or game your want users to install
  • an Event you want users to attend
  • a question or poll your want users to answer
  • an affiliated Page you want users to Like
  • a heartfelt thank you to fans. This can facilitate conversions later on.

Access the Sponsored Stories walk-through, strategies for Like Stories, App Stories, and Check-In Stories, and learn more marketing best practices at the Facebook Marketing Bible, Inside Network’s complete guide to marketing and advertising on Facebook.