Spock.com’s People Search; Steve Rubel Top in “Public Relations”

I got a pitch today from Spock.com’s PR firm Group SJR, so I thought I’d have another go-around with the “world’s leading people search engine,” since research is the cornerstone of a good PR program.

The obvious thing to do is to punch in your own name and see what you get. I noticed what I’ve known for years: I could do a much better job of optimizing my online reputation. When you click the “manage reputation” link, it takes you to ReputationDefender, a pay service that helps you wipe the slate clean after messy online flame wars.

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I will query Spock on how they recommend PR people work with their service to optimize and enhance the information already in their search engine on behalf of clients and themselves (because all PR people are public figures now, see this post for more).

In the meantime, check out the widget above displaying the 8651 people identifies as working in “public relations“. The top five deemed to have biggest online footprint are Steve Rubel from Edelman, Doc Searls, Frank Rich of the New York Times (not sure why), Al Ries, and Mark Penn, CEO Burson-Marsteller.

The late Edward Bernays continues to influence with a strong showing in 7th position.