SPMD Adobe announces upgrades to Media Optimizer, Analytics, Experience Manager


Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Adobe announced at the Adobe Summit EMEA in London major upgrades to three key areas of its Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe’s Media Optimizer, Analytics and Experience Manager have all been updated.

Here’s a quick look at what is new with each feature:

  • Adobe Media Optimizer: new, predictive modeling algorithms that forecast and optimize campaigns across search, social and display avenues. Adobe Media Optimizer also features a redesigned user interface, simplified campaign management, innovative data visualizations and enhanced controls over campaign adjustments.
  • Adobe Analytics: a livestream of activity, with real-time data pulled in from Adobe Target, Adobe Social and Adobe Media Optimizer. Adobe Analytics now includes predictive analytics, a unified segment builder, mobile app analytics and Apple iBeacon support.
  • Adobe Experience Manager: there’s a new SaaS offering for creating social communities, designed around learning and field/channel enablement.

Tim Waddell, Director of Product Marketing, Adobe Advertising Solutions, talked with Inside Facebook about how these upgrades can help Facebook marketers:

We’ve seen some really good results coming out of Facebook and certainly with Custom Audiences and the News Feed and new ad elements, conversions are good, but we’re still seeing more engagement data. This will be a really nice way for our clients using Media Optimizer to see the complete funnel … tied all the way back from engagement to conversion.

Adobe Media Optimizer

Adobe says that the new Media Optimizer has increased performance by up to 25 percent. Media Optimizer’s integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud brings enhanced data management, collaboration tools, single sign-on and seamless segment sharing.

Marketers will be able to evaluate their options in real-time and change Facebook ad budgets in accordance with the program’s spend recommendations. Bid adjustments allow marketers to manage search marketing bids by device type, geographic location, audience and time of day.

Justin Merickel, Adobe’s Senior Director of Advertising Solutions, discussed how the updates will help:

Accurately predicting campaign performance across desktops and mobile platforms is imperative for optimal success in the programmatic ad market. Adobe Media Optimizer is the first solution in the industry to truly pioneer algorithmic optimization. By capitalizing on big data, customers can accurately predict campaign outcomes for maximum return on their investment.

Adobe Analytics

One of the best new additions to the Adobe Marketing Cloud appears to be the livestream present within Adobe Analytics. It brings together data from Adobe Target, Adobe Social and Adobe Media Optimizer, so marketers can see key moments like when a consumer is stuck in a browsing session, as well as instant traffic visualizations from a specific channel or referral site.

Through the new decision trees, marketers can predict a user’s buying behavior, or determine if they’re likely to watch a video or another specified action. Factors such as geography, gender and purchase history are taken into consideration during the predictions.

Bill Ingram, vice president of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Social, described the new functions of Adobe Analytics:

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most integrated set of marketing solutions, and it all centers on industry-leading analytics that is second to none. Today’s news takes the power of Adobe Analytics to a new level, with predictive capabilities and mobile functionality that ensure marketers can maximize both impact and revenue.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe blogged about the new capabilities of Experience Manager, and how they’ll help the knowledge exchange:

At the core of any successful social community is an experience that entices users to continue coming back to interact and contribute their own insights. In doing so, the community continues to flourish and grow in value. A key component to enabling this is to ensure relevant content is easily surfaced to each individual. Experience Manager Communities for learning ensures the most relevant content is easily discovered by users, with dynamic content recommendations based on user profile information, tags and activities; a streamlined interface with featured, assigned, recommended, and viewed content; and search that dives into metadata.