Splits.org Mashes Twitter, Recruiters Together

Searching for a job on Twitter may be passé by now, considering how quickly things move on the intertubes. But tools that make recruiting easier on Twitter? That’s a whole other story.

Splits.org is a powerful Twitter search engine that uses a complicated language of @replies and #hashtags to make recruiter-to-recruiter introductions on Twitter for the purposes of setting up a split—where one recruiter has a candidate and the other has an open position.

The interface is what some would call “bare-bones” and what others could call “ugly” but it definitely gets the job done.

Founder Jason Davis told cheezhead:
“[W]e developed a basic data entry system into Twitter. There was a lot of interest, so we fine-tuned the service and built-in the ability for a user to really authenticate into their own Twitter account. Now it’s the fastest way out there to communicate that you have a candidate, need to split a job or just want to do splits with other recruiters.”

There doesn’t seem to be much on there for media yet—the category “Entertainment” is as close as it gets—but what a great tool: free, piggybacks on already-existing software with an enormous userbase, and gets the job done with no fuss.