Split Vote on Smartr for iPhone Social News Reader

There is a weird disconnect between:

a) TheNextWeb’s glowing comments of the iPhone smartr

Smartr 2.0 makes following news on Twitter & Facebook faster and more elegant than ever

b) Very good average customer reivews of the app’s previous version (4 out of 5 stars)
c) Terrible average customer reviews of the current 2.0 version (1.5 out of 5 stars)
d) My “I don’t get it” reaction after trying Smartr myself

TheNextWeb Jeff Cormier like the app because he finds it a better way to get news posted to Twitter and Facebook: The app does this by removing spam, duplicate links, and uninteresting content such as check-ins and generic status updates.

However, I found the app confusing. After giving it access to my Twitter account feed, you can see the display it gave me when I tried to look at the “Smartr feed”. I could see links tweeted by people I follow in the Twitter tab of the app. So, what is this Smartr feed? It appears to be a feed created by following people I’ve never heard of and have no reason to trust their curation of links. Commentary about the current 2.0 release in the iTunes App Store notes that the app sends out tweets from users’ accounts. However, you can opt-out of this behavior during the initial setup process. I revoked the app’s access to my Twitter account and deleted the app off of my device.

Smartr 2.0 is a free app for the iPhone found at:

smartr (iTunes App Store)