Splash Damage Launches Tempo on iOS

The military action title sees players completing reflex-driven events to save London from a madman.


Splash Damage and WarChest have announced the release of Tempo on iOS devices. Announced late last year, the game takes players to London, as they become a Special Forces Operative, and work to take out a psychopath holding the entire city hostage under the threat of a bomb. The military action title was created with the goal of bringing a console-quality experience to mobile players, and is the second title from Splash Damage and WarChest, following RAD Soldiers.

In Tempo, players complete isolated, timed missions using reflex-driven gameplay. In each level, players are shown a few prompts, asking them to tap or tap and drag their finger on the screen in relation to the type of prompt. One sees players tapping as a line reaches a circle in the middle of the prompt, which may cause their character to shoot a gun (for instance). Another prompt sees players tapping as fast as they can on the screen, typically to perform a feat of strength (like fighting off a melee attack from an enemy), while another sees them tracing a line with their finger. The accuracy and speed of each prompt response corresponds to ratings, like “Pass” or “Perfect,” and time bonus for the stage.

As each prompt is time-sensitive, players will lose a health marker if they fail to react to the prompt before running out of time. If players fail too many prompts in a single level, they must start again. In addition, players receive cash rewards and medals depending on their level completion time, so failing a prompt, or taking more time to complete its requirement, will potentially lessen the amount of rewards players receive at the end.

Users can spend this cash on power-ups before beginning a mission. One may increase the next mission’s completion rewards, while another gives users an extra second to complete the mission, as examples.

Players start with two operatives as playable characters, but will recruit more as they complete story missions. These characters have different stats for strength, focus and reflexes, and are also equipped with a special ability. For instance, one may make it easier for players to earn a Perfect rating on a single prompt, while another may give players extra bonus time for activating a prompt perfectly.

In a statement, Splash Damage CEO, Paul Wedgwood, commented on the game’s development:

We’re bringing production values normally only found in AAA titles to mobile; from casting Game of Thrones TV actors as voice talent, to creating motion capture at Andy Serkis’ Imaginarium studios, we’ve gone all-out to create a blockbuster experience on handheld devices.

Tempo is available to download for $4.99 on the iTunes App Store.