SPJ Honors

If you attended the Society of Professional Journalists 2007 Awards Dinner this week, you would have seen Mark Knoller, Terry Hunt, Muriel Dobbin and Bob Franken get inducted into the D.C. Journalism Hall of Fame. Reginald Stuart was honored for his Distinguished Service.

In addition, the winners of the Dateline Awards for Excellence In Local Journalism were announced (full list after the jump.

Even though the breakup between Franken and CNN was not completely harmonious, one reader points out that CNN did buy a table for the event, “proof there IS such a thing as an amicable divorce.”

From here:

    JUNE 12, 2007

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2007 dateline awards for excellence in local journalism competition.

    The Dateline Awards for Excellence in Local Journalism are sponsored annually by the SPJ Washington, D.C., Pro Chapter

    General news
    1) Brooke Lea Foster, “Education’s Big Bang”, Washingtonian Magazine
    2) Larry Van Dyne, “A City of Bridges”, Washingtonian Magazine
    3) Larry Van Dyne, “Who We Are”, Washingtonian Magazine

    Investigative reporting
    1) Harry Jaffe, “Let Them Eat Truffles,” Washingtonian Magazine
    2) John Pekkanen, “Why Is Lead Still Poising Our Children?”, Washingtonian Magazine

    1) Brooke Lea Foster, “New Hearts, New Lives” Washingtonian Magazine
    2) Susan Baer, “The Player”, Washingtonian Magazine
    3) Pete Earley, “Saving My Son”, Washingtonian Magazine

    Editorial, columns and commentary
    1) Todd Kliman, Dining columns, Washingtonian Magazine.

    Business and financial reporting
    1) Drew Lindsay, “How Big Money Changed Washington,” Washingtonian Magazine
    2) John Kester, “How The Law in Washington Became Big Business,” Washingtonian Magazine

    1) Harry Jaffe, “The Dan Snyder You Don’t Know”, Washingtonian Magazine
    2) Fred Barnes, “The Assassin”, Washingtonian Magazine
    3) Kim Isaac Eisler, “Sonny, Billy & the Boys”, Washingtonian Magazine

    Arts Criticism
    1) Susan Baer, “Return of the Sugar Plum Fairies,” Washingtonian Magazine
    2) Susan Davidson, “Cezanne’s Big Show” Washingtonian Magazine
    3) Leslie Milk, “Razzle Dazzle” Washingtonian Magazine

    1) David Harp, “42 Day Wonders”, Washingtonian Magazine
    2) Hector Emanuel, “Something Happened and We Don’t Know Why”, Washingtonian Magazine
    3) Matthew Worden, “25 Most Beautiful People,” Washingtonian Magazine

    Daily Newspaper
    Spot news
    1) Gary Emerling, Marie Tyler, Jeffrey Sparshott, Jerry Seper. Amy Doolittle and Matthew Cela, “What A Mess,” Washington Times
    2) Matthew Cela, “Shooting Spree,” Washington Times

    General news
    1) Arlo Wagner, “Gallaudet’s Board Ousts Fernandes,” Washington Times
    2) Jim McElhatton, “Murder Inc.” Washington Times

    Correspondent award
    1) Philip Dine, “Afghan Poppy and U.S. Policy,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    Investigative reporting
    1) Philip Dine, “Afghan Policy-U.S. Policy,” St. Louis Post-Dispatch
    2) Jim McElhatton, “Medicaid Drivers Take D.C. for a Ride,” Washington Times

    1) Gabriella Boston, Gary Emmerling, Kara Rowland, Ellen Sorokin and Guy Taylor, “After The Fire,” Washington Times
    2) Christian Toto, “Reptile Revelation,” Washington Times
    3) Gabriella Boston, “Stone Cutters,” Washington Times

    Editorial, columns and commentary
    1) Adrienne Washington, “Forum Leave Mayoral Hopefuls Squirming,” Washington Times
    2) Deborah Simmons, “D.C. Public Schools,” Washington Times

    Business and financial reporting
    1) Tom Ramstack, “Banks Cater to Expanding Muslim Population,” Washington Times
    2) Jen Haberkorn, ” Turning A Corner in Chinatown,” Washington Times

    1) Jon Siegel, “A Tough Calling,” Washington Times
    2) Mike Jones, “A Pitcher Dying Inside,” Washington Times
    3) Tim Lemke, Mark Zuckerman, Ken Wright and Thom Loverro, “Lerner Gets The Nationals,” Washington Times

    Arts criticism
    1) Jayne Blanchard, “Close Look at Steamy Fat Pig,” Washington Times
    2) Scott Galpo, “Kinks Legacy,” Washington Times
    3) Carol Herman, “What The Tortise Knew,” Washington Times

    1) Astrid Riecken, “Chaos En Pointe,” Washington Times
    2) Allison Shelley, “One-of-a-kind Birthday Party,” Washington Times
    3) Daniel Rosenbaum, “Fenty Wins Primary,” Washington Times


    1) Andrea McCarron, “Undercover on MS-13”, WJLA

    1) Andrea McCarron, “Sorority Spending”, WJLA

    Weekly newspaper

    General news
    1) Brendan Smith, Legal Times, “The Cruel Art of Decpetion”
    2) Bob Cusack and Jessica Alaimo, The Hill, “White House Hopefuls Skip Katrina Visit”
    3) Joshua Lynsen, Washington Blade, “Man Fights Partner’s Family Over Gravesite.”

    Investigative reporting
    1) Bob Cusack, The Hill, “Emergency Disconnect”
    2) Brendan Smith, Legal Times, “Lost Among The Ruins”
    3) Susan Crabtree, The Hill, “Real Estate Boon”

    1) Bree Hocking, Roll Call, “As Pages, Lawmakers Mixed Politics and Pranks”
    2) Jennifer Nycz-Conner, Washington Business Journal, “Rock ‘N El Zol”
    3) Elizabeth Perry, Washington Blade, “Trans People Face Obstacles in Seeking Spiritual Paths”

    Editorial, columns, commentary
    1) Kevin Naff, Washington Blade, “All The News Straight Enough to Print”
    2) James Oliphant, Legal Times. “Writing A Life Where the Desert Begins”

    Business and financial reporting
    1) Roxana Tiron, The Hill, “Bumpy Path to $1 million Earmark”
    2) Jeff Young and Jim Snyder, The Hill, Regulators Investigate Key to Wall Street”
    3) Alexander Bolton, The Hill, “Aiming at Asbestos Bill”

    1) Debra, Bruno, Legal Times, “Obsession Times Three”

    Arts Criticism.
    1) Greg Marzullo, Washington Blade, “Falling Down Dead”
    2) Peter Gutmann, Legal Times, “A Symphony Without Notes”


    Spot news
    1) News Staff, “Flash Flood”, WTOP
    2) Place: News Staff, “Cop Killer”, WTOP

    General news
    1) J.J. Green, “Hearts and Minds”, WTOP
    2) Sara D’Angelo, “Teenage Wasteland”, WTOP
    3) Darci Marchese, “Beyond The Purple Heart”, WTOP

    Correspondent award

    1) John Wordock, “The Cooling Homefront”, Marketwatch.com Radio Network

    Investigative reporting
    1) Mark Segraves, “Missing Lap Tops”, WTOP
    2) Mark Segraves, “Paying for the Motorcade”, Federal News Radio

    1) Adam Tuss, “Fading Shine”, WTOP
    2) Austin O’Neill, “Veterans and the Arts”, Federal News Radio
    3) Neal Augenstein, “Patti Smith Portraits”, WTOP

    Editorials, Columns and Commentary
    1) Mark Plotkin, “DC Voting Rights…Not!”, WTOP
    2) Mike Causey, “Mike’s Take”, Federal News Radio

    1) Derek Williams, “Disc Golf”, WTOP
    2) Derek Williams, “Shuck Off”, WTOP
    3) Neal Augenstein, “Orioles ’66”, WTOP


    1) Elaine Grossman, “U.S. Officers in Iraq: Insurgents Are Repeatedly Captured and Released”, Inside the Pentagon
    2) tie – Paul Goldberg, “Soundbites for Investigators Were a Protocol for Spin”, Cancer Letter
    Communications Daily staff, “FCC Chairman Martin’s Management Style”, Warren Communications
    3)Communications Daily Staff, Election Coverage, Warren Communications


    Local news story
    1) Vandana Sinha, Coverage of DC Health Care, Washington Business Journal