Spit Makes a Game Out of Watching Sports on TV

spit 650Get Glue / tvtag company i.TV has announced the launch of its Spit Sports app on iOS devices. The app allows sports fans to become more involved with the sporting events they watch on TV, by responding to prompts to earn points, based on what they think will happen next in each game. The app supports televised games for the NFL, NBA and MLB, as well as NCAA football and basketball.

Before each game, fans can respond to overall prompts about the event, predicting things like the winning team, first team to score, total combined score and more. Once the game begins, the app becomes all about real-time participation, as players respond to timed prompts about upcoming plays. In a football game, for instance, the app may ask users to predict whether the next play will be a run or a pass. Each prompt comes with a 10-second time limit, and rewards points instantly for correct predictions.

As players earn points during each game, they shift position on the game’s leaderboard accordingly. Users are encouraged to challenge their friends to see who can earn the most points in a single game, with support for challenging users via text, Facebook or Twitter. The overall focus here is on an easier and more accessible “gameplay” experience than that offered with traditional fantasy sport leagues.spit 650“Spit is easy to play, unlike traditional fantasy sport experiences that require hours of complex setup,” said Jason McGowan, head of product for Spit, in a company release. “You can just jump in and play with your friends in a matter of seconds.”

As a social networking experience, players receive their own profile, and can flag their favorite teams as such. The app tracks the number of points earned in each game, and players earn experience points and levels as they make correct predictions. Finally, in-app chat allows users to communicate with others without leaving the app.

“Sports viewers are usually just as competitive as the players on the field,” added Brad Pelo, i.TV CEO, in a release. “Fans familiar with fantasy sports know that you don’t play during the game – you simply await the outcome. Spit allows you to compete with others in real-time while watching your favorite team lock horns with an opponent. Spit makes a game out of watching the game, encouraging users to become active participants instead of passive viewers.”

Spit Sports is available to download for free on iTunes. The app is coming soon to Android.