Spin‘s Ousted Itzkoff Lands on His Feet at NYT Book Review … Sort Of

We thought we’d take a break from Spin-related coverage, but a spin through the Times Book Review would not allow that. It seems ousted Spin senior associate editor Dave Itzkoff will be writing “Across the Universe,” a new science fiction column in which he hopes to “demystify the genre for readers who believe, mistakenly, that sci-fi and fantasy books have nothing to offer them.” Itzkoff notes:

I was a bit of an insomniac when I was a kid partly because of an irrational fear that the world was going to be destroyed by a nuclear war or by crashing into the sun.

As for the irrational fear that the new regime’s transition at Spin would go smoothly, well, that one was kinda realized.

It’s All Geek to Me [NYT]