Spin the Agencies of Record

(A home with SunPower panels, via Inhabitat)

This edition of Spin the Agencies of Record is as diverse as ever with account wins including a social business site, a sample sale information site, plasma products, the U.S. Military in Iraq, and a publicly-traded solar company:

Meetingwave, a free site to help you meet with new people offline, hires Trylon SMR

Ogilvy sheds light on SunPower (Nasdaq: SPWR), Valley-based maker of solar cells, panels, and systems

Yankee PR lands Octapharma, the plasma products company

Sample sale source TheSavvy.com hires Adam Kluger for re-launch

The U.S. military awards work to four firms. According to PRWeek, “The contract calls for a wide range of communications services, including media relations and training; research; production and dissemination of government information to the Iraqi public, including media campaigns promoting its objectives; and monitoring of Arabic and Western media.”