Spin the Agencies of Record


Denver-based DStreet will be PR AOR for nonprofit Comic Book Classroom, a group dedicated to increasing students’ interest in literature and the arts through comics. The group provides area schools with free comic-based materials, and DStreet will be responsible for both highlighting those efforts and promoting Denver’s version of Comic Con, which will donate money raised back to CBC so it can continue using comics to help kids get more out of the school experience.

The release notes that DStreet’s account lead is a proud geek and the event’s site tells us that it will feature guests like Adam West and Bruce Freaking Campbell. Since we assume Campbell still hangs out with Sam Raimi, we hope someone will take this opportunity to figure out what the hell happened to Spider-Man 3.


SPY Inc. signed San Diego’s Remedy Communications as its agency of record. SPY is a maker of various eyewear products that we know for its “Happy Lens”, which claims to improve the wearer’s mood by keeping out the bad sun rays, letting the good stream in, and enhancing the colors of everything in one’s field of vision. In other words, it’s a wearable version of your favorite Instagram filter.

The agency will help SPY win earned media placements throughout 2014, and if you recall the company’s “Happy to Sit on Your Face” billboard from 2012 you’ll probably agree that they shouldn’t have much trouble getting attention.


New York’s Trylon SMR will serve as U.S. AOR for SpaceIL. The Israeli company’s stated goal is to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, and Trylon will manage media relations to build awareness of and fundraising support for the project.

In the release, SpaceIL describes its product-in-progress as the “smallest, smartest lunar spacecraft ever”; in completing this project it aims to spark interest in all the sciences among Israeli students.

Thankfully, SpaceIL has no plans for lunar colonization. Something tells us real estate on the moon would be far more expensive than in Elon Musk’s proposed Martian colonies, because that commute is just too big a trade-off to make.


DDB PR Canada will be AOR for APCOR, or the Portugese Cork Association. The two parties partnered before in 2010, and this contract comes after a review involving 17 agencies across the continent.

What is Portugese cork? Good question. It’s an alternate form of flooring, and DDB’s task is to enhance awareness of the entire category within North America. This responsibility will include everything from standard media relations to website optimization and even a point-of-purchase retail program.

The issue is that many don’t realize, in the words of Apartment Therapy, that cork is “almost too green to be true.

We assume it also protects against red wine spills, but we should probably look that up.