Spin the Agencies of Record


Now guess which is which…

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas signed local strategic consulting/PR/social firm Vox Solid Communications as its AOR.

Vox will handle all PR and social for the timeless “interactive” museum in the world’s most appropriate location: right in front of the Venetian on the Vegas strip. We can only imagine the campaigns to follow.

For the record, we’ve always been fascinated by Tussauds’ Manhattan branch, and wouldn’t mind visiting the Marvel Super Heroes 4D Experience and hangin’ with Mr. (Bradley) Cooper so we can pretend all those sequels to Iron Man and The Hangover never happened.


California’s Fineman PR signed four new clients, three of which happen to make everyone’s favorite grape-based beverage.

The firm will serve as AOR for the American Humane Association, the country’s first humane org. Its work will involve the promotion of several initiatives including Humane Research and Policy, and as owners of a rescued puppy we can’t snark on that.

Additional clients Quintessa, Truchard Vineyards and Spelletich Family Winery have several things in common: they’re all family-owned wineries based in the Napa Valley that hired Fineman to raise brand awareness and conduct media relations. Fortunately, they each have anniversaries approaching in 2014 that will provide great promo opps.

In almost related news: the American classic Sideways, starring the handsome and talented Paul Giamatti, will also celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2014.


The American Lamb Board signed Minneapolis/Portland-based Harvest PR and Marketing as its AOR.

Harvest will draw upon both its “food, farm and lifestyle” expertise and a recently completed consumer research study to spread awareness of both lamb cooking methods and “the responsible practices of the industry’s 82,000 shepherds” in a campaign called “Curriculamb.”

The agency’s primary goal is to remind American home cooks that lamb doesn’t just complete our favorite type of korma; “mutton gluttons” can prepare it in the comfort of their own kitchens!


Google MENA (Middle East/Northern Africa) named Memac Ogilvy as its AOR for the United Arab Emirates.

This is a particularly interesting announcement for a couple of reasons:

Should be an alternately challenging/fascinating assignment.