Spin the Agencies of Record


Volvo Cars has chosen Waggener Edstrom as its first US AOR to, in the words of the press release, “drive the innovative brand into the future.”

The client was reportedly impressed by the agency’s knowledge of industry tech, best characterized by a report titled “Insights: Government Leader Opinions and Priorities for Transportation Infrastructure, the Connected Car and the Path to Autonomous Car Travel” which appeals to us because we’ve always loved the idea of eating and (not quite) driving at the same time.


Smoothie destination Jamba Juice signed Finn Partners as its PR and social agency of record.

The purpose of the ensuing campaign will be to promote “whole food blending and juicing”, which may take place somewhere other than one of the brand’s 851 worldwide locations.

The brand also plans to expand upon its health-relateed charity initiatives, which will hopefully include the publication of a “how to avoid brain freeze” PSA. (Hint: if you go with the Chocolate Moo’d, take it slowly. We know from experience.)


Imagine Software signed Prosek Partnerswhose founder gives a great interview, as its agency of record.

Prosek’s job is to make more traders and hedge fund managers aware of the company’s cloud-based “real-time portfolio and risk management solutions” through traditional media relations, content creation and efforts to position the company’s execs as thought leaders.

Now we will further confirm the fact that we did not go to business school by disclosing our first thoughts upon reading the phrase “alternative investment”: BitCoin, gold bullion and Ron Paul.


The Susan Magrino Agency added a new client to its roster: Babeth’s Feasta “premium all-frozen food retail store” which will hit Manhattan’s Upper East Side in April, because of course the mayor is too busy to cook.

We’ve lived in New York for a while and we’ve never heard of anything quite like this, so we can confirm that it is indeed a “first-of-its-kind concept” from “entrepreneur Elisabeth de Kergorlay, an early investor in Le Pain Quotidien.”

The store will offer 340 products sorted in ten different categories—one of which will, we hope, include frozen calzones. (Yes, we’ve been on yet another Larry David kick. What gave it away?)