Spin the Agencies of Record


Loews Regency Hotel in New York City chose the Susan Magrino Agency as its PR AOR in anticipation of a January 2014 re-opening following a top-down $100 million renovation.

While we have no idea what the new facade will look like, the chef at Loews Regency’s as-yet-unnammed “concept” restaurant will be Dan Silverman, formerly of the Standard Grill in the André Balazs hotel of the same name. (And yes, we’re already salivating.)

Susan Magrino also landed interior design firm Meyer Davis Studios and Hammacher Schlemmer, a mail order gift company that claims to be America’s oldest catalog publisher, sells products like “the authentic 1966 Batmobile”, and resembles a Bizarro World cross between Brookstone and the J. Peterman catalog (it’s real, and it’s spectacular).


King + Company (formerly Morris + King Company) retained several high-class clients that sadly leave us little room for snark:

  • Online career resource Akimbo, which helps young unemployed/underemployed Americans “create profiles that accurately showcase their work, soft skills, passions and talents”
  • The Resolution Project, a non-profit dedicated to rewarding young entrepreneurs around the world with fellowships
  • Flu Near You, a free app that tracks the development of flu symptoms across the U.S. (think Brad Pitt in World War Z and dial it down a few hundred notches)


Former NFL player/current entrepreneur Terrence Holt chose French/West/Vaughan as his PR AOR for ongoing business ventures related to his company Holt Brothers. The man and the firm are both proud sons of North Carolina, so the match makes sense. Holt retired in 2008, but we still hope “maximize business opportunities and secure public speaking opportunities” means “score a guest appearance on The League.”


InGear PR was retained as AOR by LynTec, “a leading manufacturer of customized electrical power control for installed audio, video, and lighting systems” (but can they help us fix our surround sound? The back speakers totally worked when we tested them).