Spin the Agencies of Record

“My first job was in retail at the age of 14, and I have worked in the industry ever since.” – Rachel Roy

The National Retail Federation has retained digital agency Rain (PR AOR Sunshine Sachs) to create digital shorts for its industry campaign site This Is Retail. The purpose of the campaign is to convince young people that a career in retail doesn’t necessarily mean working the register for $10 an hour.

NRF SVP Bill Thorne says “We want young people to think retail when they are on the job hunt”, because the booming industry truly does need more employees at a time when jobless rates for young grads are near record highs. The videos are clever (watch one after the jump), but good luck getting young folks to say “Hell yeah, I work in retail!”


Online exercise company SimpleTherapy and non-profit organization Taste of the NFL have chosen King + Company (formerly Morris King + Company) as PR AOR. SimpleTherapy specializes in empowering customers to create personalized rehabilitative workout routines at home, and we get it because we never really liked going to the gym.

Taste of the NFL is a Minneapolis-based charity that will sponsor its 23rd annual “Party With a Purpose” anti-hunger fundraising event at Pier 12 of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on the night of the Super Bowl. The events have raised millions for Feeding America food banks in the past, because even the insufferably hip still watch football.


French/West/Vaughan has been chosen as PR AOR by Bassett Furniture. The classic mid-priced chain is opening several locations around the US, and F/W/V will work on securing local media coverage as well as orchestrating grassroots marketing campaigns and working that charity thing. For the record, we do like the fact that their couches come in many shades of (our favorite color) grey.


Siemens Enterprise Communications chose Eastwick to lead its earned/social media programs and messaging efforts as part of a coming rebranding campaign. The company sells the sort of “software-based enterprise unified communications” products that you know as the voicemail, networking, and video conferencing tools that your boss will never tell you how to use. The company plans a “global webcast” on October 15th to announce its new name and vision.


Four companies retained Affect PR, a tech-centric NY firm:

  • Definiens, which helps people in the life sciences make more of their images and data
  • Easy Office Phone, which stuffs your land line up in the cloud where it belongs
  • Flightpath, another digital marketing agency that knows a bit about mobile, social, SEO, etc.
  • Hauntworld, which is like Yelp for Halloween (No, really. Want to find the 13 scariest haunted houses in America? Here you go.)

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