Spin the Agencies of Record

[Urban Ears come in many flavors]

Account wins in this edition of Spin the Agencies of Record includes a non-profit fighting teen dating violence, a DIY belt boutique, the granddaddy of mapping websites, a provider of social media tools and technology, and stylish headphones:

Break The Cycle signs Sternberg Strategic Communications for this month’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and for their 2010 LGBTQ outreach campaign.

5WPR wears the PR pants for the design-your-own Badichi Belts store in Soho, the first location in the U.S.

104 West Partners navigates for Mapquest as the new agency of record

The Max Borges Agency of Miami scores three: Digital Storm, VeriFone, and Zound Industries, makers of Urban Ears headphones

Ruder Finn is Buddy Media‘s new BFF